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  • Recycled Styrofoam to Crown Molding

    Numerous light weight Intricate designs created with recycled styrofoam

    styrofoam recycling
  • Styrofoam Recycling brought to you

    NARS is recycling plastic in Ottawa, Toronto and the GTA.


Styrofoam Recycling Blog CUT-COSTS RECYCLE-BOXED

Plastic Recycle Canada has been voted as one of Canada’s Premiere Recycling company.  Ranging from everything from Waste Audits, the set up of customized recycling programs, brokering of plastic and consulting on hard to recycle materials, Plastic Recycle offers over 25 years of consulting and management experience in post-consumer materials recycling, providing short- and long-term strategic, technical and management solutions. Our primary area of expertise is in  plastic. Most notably hard to recycle plastic Plastic Recycle Canada has created many innovative programs across North America; finding ways to divert hard to recycle materials such as EPS (Styrofoam), XLPE, Fiber Optic Cable, #3-7 plastics and grocery bags. Currently, we divert over a seven million pounds of these hard to Recycle plastics each year.

We are focused on the business of globally connecting producers and customers of chemicals, plastics, composites and environmental services.

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